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Coral Coast Environmental Protection Area

APA Costa dos Corais

Helping to preserve the largest unit offederal marine conservationfrom Brazil.

The Environmental Protection Area (APA) of Costa dos Corais is a Federal Conservation Unit for Sustainable Use, that is, the use of natural resources is allowed in an appropriate way, either through direct use (example: fishing) or indirect use ( example: tourism). It was created through Federal Decree s/nº of 10/23/1997 and its creation objectives are: the conservation of coral reefs and mangroves, with their fauna and flora; protect the manatee population (Trichechus manatus); order economic activities within the unit and promote local culture.

The APA Costa dos Corais is located between the mouth of the Formoso River (Tamandaré/PE) and the Meirim River (Maceió/AL), contemplating environments of coral reefs, beaches, estuaries, mangroves and the continental shelf. The area covers a total of 413,563 hectares, spread over 135 km of coastline, comprising 13 municipalities in both states. The unit's limits extend 18 nautical miles towards the Atlantic Ocean to the isobath of 49m, being one of the largest marine conservation units and the first created to protect corals in Brazil.

It is entirely inserted in a public area (sea and estuaries), ecosystems whose natural resources (fishing and scenic beauty) are used by a large portion of the local community, for income generation and subsistence.

It is also important to point out that the APA and its adjacent areas have been receiving various national and international incentives and resources, as it is one of the most important targets of the national tourism development policy. Exactly because it has a large tourist flow, in addition to being subject to disorderly exploitation of fishing, it is characterized as a region susceptible to serious environmental and sociocultural impacts, justifying the protection intended with the creation of the Unit.

The Management Council of APA Costa dos Corais (CONAPAC) was created at the end of 2011, with 28 seats and the participation of 45 institutions from Alagoas and Pernambuco, among them, the Peixe-Boi Association is a full member. Another important milestone in the unit's history was the publication of the Management Plan at the beginning of 2013. This document defines the action plans for the management of the area and creates special management zones that establish the rules for the unit's use.

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 Manatee Sanctuary

What we call "Manatee Sanctuary" is the manatee visitation area in nature, a stretch within the Manatee Marine Life Conservation Zone, which goes from the rustic wooden bridge on the Tatuamunha River to the “Pedra do Mero” (point on the river bed where there is a submerged slab used as a shelter by groupers, an endangered species of fish).

In the Manatee Sanctuary, the use of engines is not allowed on boats, so the Association only uses poles to row the rafts in the river. The objective is to protect the manatee against the risk of accidents and also preserve silence and tranquility for the animals. That's why we call it the Manatee Sanctuary. Diving, swimming and fishing are allowed, but you cannot touch, feed or disturb the animals. The relationship with them must be harmonious.

The Manatee Conservation Zone was officially established in the Management Plan, stretching from Boqueirão beach, in Japaratinga, to the mouth of the Riacho in São Miguel dos Milagres. Within this area is the Tatuamunha River, where the manatee release enclosure is located. Outside the visitation area, the Manatee Sanctuary, and within the area, there are other rules, such as: use of a sterndrive outboard motor only with propeller protection; the traffic of other tourism and leisure vessels is only tolerated in the area of the Manguaba River, as long as it does not exceed the maximum speed of 5 Knos. Boats and watercraft are prohibited throughout the area up to the coral reefs. Artisanal fishing and community-based tourism are all allowed and encouraged, including visits to natural pools.

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