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Manatee observation

to carry out thewatching manatees in the Tatuamunha River, without preventing them from fulfilling their biological role (interaction with other individuals of the same species, reproduction, feeding, resting), it is necessary to respect some rules.

To avoid an excessive number of operators, ICMBio only allows the tour to be carried out bytrained conductorsand accredited every 2 year season. All conductors, rowers and artisans involved with the activity are united through the Peixe-Boi Association.

Let's look at some rules:


Raft ride on the Tatamunha River: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM, lasting 1h30. (last boarding starts at 3:30 pm).


10 tours every day, totaling a limit of 70 visitors per day.


Open all days.Appointments are required via the website, phone or email.


No feeding allowednor any form of public interaction with the animal, just observation.


20 driversaccredited rotation (every other day)


Tours are by prior arrangement.

Tour Features

contemplation ofTatuamunha river and mangrove, with its local flora and fauna, especially the manatee. The visitor is accompanied by an accredited driver throughout the tour. It starts with a short walk through the town until you reach the narrow bridge over the river and mangroves (15min).

After crossing the bridge, where you can already contemplate the beauty and richness of the local biodiversity (+15min), board a simple raft, driven with poles by 2 rowers. This is followed by a peaceful walk with a few stops on the river bed or in the camboas, in addition to a stop to observe the manatee re-adaptation enclosure and, with luck, to contemplate the free animals that can be found along the way (+ 1 hour).

Appointment: (82) 3298-6247 or WhatsApp: (82) 99810-3021

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